Medical professionals, technologists and scientists of Israel seem to have achieved a technological marvel. They are performing non-invasive surgery for major ailments. Surgery would hereafter would be far less painful; recuperation would be much faster. Enjoy the video.


Alvin Toffler talked of three waves. The agricultural wave brought us to pastoral life. Towards the end of the agricultural revolution came feudalism. This wave lasted pretty long – perhaps few millennia. Then in the middle of second millennium, Europe saw the industrial revolution disrupting the entrenched feudalism; this was the second wave for Toffler. Capitalism replaced feudalism. The next wave came in about half a millennium. The third wave was the emergence of the service sector and the information age which happened in the second half of the 20th century. What next? Is there hope beyond crony capitalism? Read the thought provoking article from The Guardian.

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The campaign for cleanliness [“SWATCHATA”] unleashed so powerfully by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has caught the imagination of every Indian. But deep underneath the euphoria and curiosity, there is the lurking fear in every mind: Will not the Law of Inertia so strong in the Indian psyche prevail upon the scenario and bring about the equilibrium state of inaction and “nirvana” of achieving tranquility with wretchedness as ever before? Sorry to disappoint you: there is some ray of hope in the horizon. You sure will be “Bangalored” by what you see in the video-clip.

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To millions of children across the developing world, innocence of childhood is a non-existent concept. Here is a man trying to light a candle into this darkness. Pity of it is that most of us did not know of him or what he was trying to do for children for decades. But surprisingly many in the world knew him and had recognized his efforts. Read more to know more about his accolades.

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