Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence consist of a set of eminent personalities in varied fields having extremely rich experience and in-depth knowledge of respective domain(s), who have consented to act as network resources for benefit of SV Fund and investee companies. SV Fund is fully geared to leverage the experience and expertise of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence for its own benefit and the benefit of investee companies.

Board of Governance   Investment & Operation Team   Advisory Board   Mentors  
Dr. P. I. John

(Ph.D.) - Scientist & technology strategist

Dr. Venkat Mukku

(Ph.D) – Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore

Dr. Julian Francis

(Ph.D.) – Jurist. (Supreme court of India)

Prof. Bala Bhaskaran

(PGDM, CFA) – Techocrat turned management educator

Dr. Nabajyoti Choudhri

(M.D.) – Transfusion Med.

Dr. Hafez Dalal

(C.A.,Ph.D.) – NGO Focus

Dr. P. M. Murali

(Ph.D.) – Entreprenuer, Biotechnology Focus

Dr. Ravindra Bhise

(M.D.) – Entrepreneur, Public Health Focus

Dr. Kashmira Pagdiwala

(Ph.D.) – Human Resource Focus

Venkat Changavalli

B. Tech (Chem), NIT Warangal & MBA, IIM (Ahmedabad)

Vishnu Swaminathan

(Country Director) - India at Ashoka