Incube Ventures Pvt. Ltd is a partner in MB MERRI LLP which is implementing a comprehensive healthcare delivery programme in Mehboobnagar District of Andhra Pradesh. The projects by the name of Arogyagramam and Global Health Village Project are being formally launched by Bharat Ratna Dr. A. P. J. Kalam on 29th March, 2013 at Jadcherala.

The projects by the name of Arogyagramam and Global Health Village Project has been formally launched by Bharat Ratna Dr. A. P. J. Kalam on 29th March, 2013 at Jadcherala in presence of a large gathering of medical specialists, district administration and health officials and a big contingent of Healthcare Management Students from Hyderabad University. Speaking on the occasion Dr Kalam said that Social Enterprise is the only way forward to deliver healthcare services in Rural Areas. Neither Government nor the Private Sector can do this.

The successful launch is attributable to the dedicated and untiring efforts of partners of MB MERI LLP, Dr. A. Francis Julian, Dr. Arnold and Incube Ventures Pvt. Ltd and also the members of MB Churches. Mr. Mani Iyer, Maheen Kannu and Prof. Arun Tiwari, Directors of Incube Group have made major contribution for making the function grand success.

Dr D Prasada Rao, Renowned Cardiac Surgeon and Former Director of Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences has declared that Cardiac Outpatient Services will be commenced at the Centre soon.

The program commenced with the briefing of Dr. Kalam about the activities undertaken by the Governing Council of Mennonite Brethern Church of India in the office of Dr.P.B Arnold. He was briefed about the various activities undertaken by GCMBC in the 900 churches of Mehbubnagar district. Dr.Margaret Perumalla (Director-Designate) outlined her vision for the MB Global Health Village project. The project is Global in nature because of the support it would be receiving from the International communities of Mennonite Brethren in 20 different countries. It would provide international facilities at affordable costs to the patients of the hospital. Dr. Kalam was also briefed about project's salient features of establishing a 100 seat medical college, a 300 beds tertiary hospital, establishment of PHCs and CHCs and nursing college.

Dr.P.B.Arnold spoke about the MB.Arogyagramam which is public health project and which envisages setting up 10 PHC field sites in the villages of the district with the help of GCMBC church volunteers. This is considered necessary since the quality of health care services provided by government PHCs is far from satisfactory. He further informed Dr. Kalam about the basic diagnostic services also being provided in these sites at affordable prices.

Dr.Kalam addressed the gathering for of launching of OF M.B.GLOBAL HEALTH VILLAGE AND M.B.AROGYAGRAMAM PROJECTS. He hoped that the people of the region would get improved access to health care services with the help of community health workers ensuring better health problem management. He appreciated the selfless services which Dr.P.B.Arnold had tirelessly undertaken in the region for last 50 years and the impact thereof in the region. He summed up the mission of Dr. Arnold as "What Can I Give" He offered his greetings to Dr. Arnold and his mission to reach out quality healthcare to 45 lakhs people of Mehabubnagar District. He offered

Dr. Kalam spoke at length about Dr.Sudharshan who like Dr.P.B.Arnold had dedicated his life towards working in rural health services in Karnataka. He said India needs thousands of Dr.Arnolds and Dr.Sudarshans for providing health care to rural citizens.

Dr. Kalam spoke extensively about PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) a central government scheme which involves a geographically co-located clusters of multiple villages with four connectivities namely physical, electronic and knowledge which leads to greater economic prosperity to rural villagers. He stated that India with six hundred thousand villages needs to have 7000 PURAS. He cited the example of Loni PURA in Maharashtra where a participative model of integrated rural development has come up among 235 villages with population of 5 lakhs.

He ended his address by wishing the health mission success for the project and stated that what is needed is a great indomitable spirit for achieving this objective.

Padmashree Dr. D. Prasad Rao, Chairman Indo-US hospital Hyderabad and former Director of Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences expressed his happiness for being part of the project. He declared that the Cardiac Outpatient Services will commence at the centre soon. He hoped his team of medical officers would create a difference in this mission.

Dr. Samuel Arun Kumar gave the vote of thanks for this function.



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