Aashray Incubation & Research Centre

EDI President Mr. M.S.Raghavan, Chairman and Managing Director of IDBI Bank Ltd. announced support to the Saath Livelihoods Services promoted “Aashray Incubation and Research Centre” at the15th Convocation of EDI's 'Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Business Entrepreneurship' and 'Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Development Studies' programmes on Saturday, 19 April 2014.

Saath Livelihood Services (Saath Livelihoods) is independently promoting the Aashray Incubation and Research Centre for providing backing to innovations, setting-up of social enterprises and scaling-up of innovative ventures and grassroots technologies. The aim of this initiative is to “create an enabling and inclusive ecosystem” that can provide the capacity building, handholding and incubation support to social enterprise incubators’ who are working towards creating appropriate, sustainable and scalable social enterprises that have a significant social impact.

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad (Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility) will be the nodal management agency for the Aashray Incubation and Research Centre. It will bring in the expertise of Ashoka Innovators for the Public in India (Ashoka India) and Incube Ventures Private Limited (Incube Ventures) to discharge its duties as a nodal management agency.

The Vision of Aashray is to emerge as an incubator ecosystem that successfully supports transforming of ideas into successful and contextually appropriate social ventures that sustainably enhance the quality of life of the poor.

The Goal of Aashray is to contribute to wider efforts to improve income and reduce vulnerability of poor people by supporting the development of socially appropriate innovations through the stages of ideation, pilot-testing, validation and commissioning.

The objectives of Aashray are

  • ·to create an enabling and inclusive ecosystem for social venture incubators who can provide the capacity building, handholding and incubation support to support social enterprise incubators’ in various sectors in their efforts to create appropriate, sustainable and scalable social enterprises that have a social impact.
  • ·to assist innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers to build a pipeline of innovative business ideas and/ or seed early stage enterprises that have the potential to benefit the poor.

Aashray aims to deliver improved and integrated services and utilise financial, human and physical resources efficiently by optimally utilising the shared knowledge, contacts and networks of the members.

About Aashray Members

Saath Livelihoods was promoted in 2007 as a ‘not for profit’ company to focus on livelihood promotion for vulnerable people (specifically youth, women, people with disabilities and artisan groups) by developing innovative and sustainable business models. Since then, Saath Livelihoods has been working towards scaling-up its efforts – both as an organization as well as its livelihood programmes.

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) has been engaged in enhancing capability of entrepreneurs to initiate and manage enterprises for three decades, while the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility aims to create a cadre of social entrepreneurs who initiate a large number of sustainable social enterprises that help in empowering the marginalized sections of society. EDI believes in 'Entrepreneurship as a means of economic development' and 'entrepreneurship as a means of social development,' and has adopted these as its primary goals. Through the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility, EDI is as committed to creating social entrepreneurs and in assisting corporates in their CSR projects as it is to creating 'world class entrepreneurs'.

Incube Ventures Private Ltd (Incube Ventures) is a pioneer in establishing the first social venture fund in India. The Mission of Incube Ventures is to evolve a credible institution of high social relevance making measurable impact on the overall human development indices. Besides sponsoring India's First Social Venture Fund registered with SEBI as Category I Alternate Investment Fund for investing into socially oriented companies, SME innovations and technology based companies, Incube Ventures has established an incubation centre that caters to experienced/exceptionally talented individuals. IN-CUBE provides an eco-system for individuals to explore and validate the ideas using our exceptional network and resources in the form of legal/ secretarial, finance and marketing professionals.

Ashoka Innovators for the Public in India (Ashoka India) has built a reputation recognizing and encouraging leadership in the social sector. Ashoka envisions an “Everyone A Changemaker” world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change. Ashoka strives to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector: one that allows social entrepreneurs to thrive and enables the world’s citizens to think and act as changemakers.

Thus, the four entities have pooled complementary incubation related competencies, expertise, capacities and experiences from the stage of identifying innovators/ social entrepreneurs, to building their capacities through fellowships, peer-learning opportunities, exposure visits as well as business related training activities, mentoring, seeding; and networking for venture funding. 



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