Incubation Centre

Idea incubation center is based in Ahmedabad where a dozen ideas led by young and committed entrepreneurs are nurtured, seed funded and guided through their maturity. We provide them the right platform to explore new business ideas, validating and strengthening the ideas & resources with the help of legal/secretarial, financial (seed / angel funding) and marketing professionals available under one roof. An incubatee could use extensive mentoring using our network resources. This would also serve as a space to evolve new businesses, through concept testing, commercialisation and performance testing leading to accelerated commercialisation of new technologies.

Proposed Incubation Center

We are planning to evolve a techno incubator as a recognized R&D center in Ahmedabad at a prime location, developing around 50,000 sq feet area. The area proposes to house a bio incubator focusing on biotherapeutics and diagnostics with a potential to house 15 incubatees. Centre would be providing furnished and compartmentalized laboratory space with shared equipments, facility management services to provide the infrastructure to start-up companies resulting in reduced up-front capital investment.

The center would also be housing R&D and technology development, focusing on developing modular technology platforms for protein separation from recovered blood plasma from blood banks and developing high value therapeutics – such as clotting factors acutely needed for the life support system for hemophilic children, Hyper immunoglobulins and furtherance of plasma protein research & product developments.