Differentiated Activities

R-Weave and Us

Apart from basic activities based on sound economic principles, Incube has deep interest in preserving, promoting and supporting all kinds of art form. To this end, we have decided to offer encouragement to the declining art of tangaliya weaving. This unique form of weaving alongwith dotted splendor is sole preserve of Dangasia community inhabiting Surendranagar District of Gujarat. SAATH, a prominent NGO based out of Gujarat, has been rendering yeoman services for preservation of this unique weaving art form, having promoted Weaver's Cooperatives by the name of 'R-Weave'. We have extended our support to SAATH for this activity.

Friends of Cancer Patients

Incube is undertaking a project for extending help, both nutritional as well as relating to hygiene, to needy blood cancer patients as well as their relatives coming to Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, for prolonged cancer treatment. The programme, by the name of 'Friends of Cancer Patients' is also aiming at pioneering evolvement of a national level Bone Marrow Registry.

Autistic Children

We are also working on evolvement of creation of infrastructure to meet the needs of autistic children and rehabilitation of mentally challenged children and adults.

Saath K Saath

Incube is in active discussion with Saath, a reputed NGO based out of Ahmedabad, for collaborating in some of its projects.